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Best Places to Visit on Lesvos Island

Mytilene - Thermi - Mantamados

The main entrance to the island is through the capital Mytilene. A city built on 7 adjoining hills, with a rich historical culture, it grabs the visitor's interest at first glance, with its emblem[..]

Plomari - Gera

The most important town in southern Lesvos is Plomari. Built in an amphitheatre around the Sethounta gorge, with a view towards the crystal blue waters of the Aegean, it generously offers a wide choice in an unforgettable [..]

Vatera - Nifida - Polichnitos

Ten kilometres of outstretched sand, crystal-clear waters and a horizon that does not end but at an endless blue, constitute the best guarantee for sea-lovers. This is Vatera[..]

Eresos - Sigri - Tavari

Surrounded by barren volcanic mountains, the plain of Eressos gleams like a land of great hope. A cool oasis and a landscape full of contradictions, where there is a blend of blue and green and a blend between the past and present[..]

Skala Kallonis - Kalloni

In the centre of the island lies the large town of Kalloni. Its privileged position in the midst of a huge fertile plain and in the cove of the Gulf of Kalloni, ensured its establishment as an important trade and administrative centre of the region[..]

Molivos - Petra -Anaxos

Without exaggeration, Molyvos is one of the most beautiful towns in the whole world! A town totally preserved and traditional, with visible stone-built homes and tiled roofs, mansions, old churches, architectural[..]