Clara hotel

About Us

Clara Hotel Resort & Bungalows, located at Avlaki in the area of Petra Village, in Lesvos Island is a beautiful vacation place, a haven of relaxation where man and nature coexist harmoniously in a private area of 14 acres overlooking the blue waters of the Aegean.

Clara Hotel Resort is no ordinary destination. In a calm and natural environment, you can enjoy the comfort, quality, stunning views and well-being. In our hotel you will discover again tranquillity and relaxation.

Clara Hotel Resort is located in one of the most idyllic locations on the island.

Overlooking the Aegean Sea, the Rocky Church of Petra, the two beautiful nearby islands and the Castle of Molyvos, the guest will enjoy the beautiful beaches of AvlakiPetraAnaxos and Eftalou, the picturesque traditional villages, our charming restaurant with Mediterranean and Greek cuisine and our poolside tavern.

You will find many things that have to do with alternative forms of tourism, such as walking trails (ecotrails), monasteries and churchesbird watching, hot springsgastronomydiving and so on, but above all, authentic natural environment and quality of life.

In a spirit of renovation, Clara Hotel Resort completed in 2008 the total refurbishment of all guestrooms and public spaces and a new wing of 10rooms.

Our aim at Clara Hotel Resort & Bungalows is to have beautiful and careless holidays.