About Us

Welcome to our peaceful and idyllic hotel on Lesvos Island, Greece.

Delfinia Hotel & Bungalows welcomes you to the serenity of Molyvos beach and introduces you to a whole new world of hospitality. Enjoy your stay in our friendly Molyvos Hotel on Lesvos as you discover the magnificent village of Mythimna.

Based on a beautiful estate, our traditional hotel in Molyvos, also known as Mythimna, offers a warm family environment that will surely capture your heart. The harmonious ambience of the Molyvos beach and the unparalleled beauty of the village of Molyvos, offer the perfect setting for a romantic vacation or a family holiday on Lesvos, Greece. Delfinia Hotel & Bungalows, being the first hotel of Molyvos, stands as a symbol of the hearty hospitality offered on Lesvos Island and the warmth of its people.