About Us

Lesvion Hotel is located at the heart of the city, overlooking the port of Mytilene. It is 7 km away from the airport and 0.5 km away from the port and the organised EOT beach. Mytilene’s hospital is 3 km away and the University of the Aegean only 4 km.

The Hotel has been operating since 1956 and is fully refurbished, to ensure the complete comfort of every guest.

It has an electronic automated communication centre, free fax service, 4 Mbps broadband connection through ADSL, safety deposit boxes, sampling room, lift, modern fire protection systems, electric generator, laundry service, soundproof rooms and room service. For additional information, navigate our site to find out our amenities and hotel policy.

Everyone, from management to the welcoming and experienced staff, is always committed to assisting you and providing the best possible service. Our front desk is available 24 hours a day.