Molivos – Petra – Anaxos

Molyvos - Petra - Anaxos

Without exaggeration, Molyvos is one of the most beautiful towns in the whole world! A town totally preserved and traditional, with visible stone-built homes and tiled roofs, mansions, old churches, architectural monuments and cobble-stone lanes, all transporting a traveller to another place and time, to a fairy tale without end.

The town’s small harbour beckons a traveller to sample the local dishes beside the caique embankment and grow tipsy over free flowing ouzo, while the more adventurous can try their hand at para-sailing or horse-riding.

As dusk approaches, Molyvos slowly changes in appearance. Lights slowly flicker on, cafιs and bars spring up everywhere and the wild celebrations are unleashed. Night life comes alive and people from all over the island meet here and sway to the rhythm of the mood and to the music, under the singularly lit castle which overlooks this sight from the top of the hill.

Visit the rural site of Eftalou, with its natural hot springs and lovely beaches and the town of Vaffio, perched on the slope of Lepetymnou, with its traditional taverns and spectacular view.

Enclosed within a big sandy embrace, around a huge rock that lent its name to the town, is Petra, another summer retreat on the island.
Famed for the Church the Holy Mother of Glykofiloussa, located at the top of the rock, every year Petra is inundated by worshippers who come from all corners to pay reverence to the miracle-working icon.

The town has preserved its traditional texture with stone-built homes, tiled roofs and cobblestone streets, but it also provides the most modern of creature comforts for its guests. The long stretch of sandy beach alongside the main road is one of the loveliest on the island and offers up all beach pleasures. The sunset on this beach is a singularly spectacular event in itself, worth seeing from Petri, a small village located on the hill above Petra, which will surely transport you to another place and time.

It is also worth visiting Anaxos, only a small distance away from Petra, a sandy beach filled with seaside night spots and quaint taverns.

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