Plomari – Gera

Plomari - Gera

The most important town in southern Lesvos is Plomari. Built in an amphitheatre around the Sethounta gorge, with a view towards the crystal blue waters of the Aegean, it generously offers a wide choice in an unforgettable holiday.

An area with a glorious historical past, it constitutes a living museum that guides a traveller through time and overwhelms with memories and images. Cobblestone streets and folk architecture preserve the traditional texture of the city, while restored industrial facilities (olive-presses, soap-refineries, tanneries etc.) which were converted into museums and cultural centres, reflect a need towards the progress and development of the area. An area that pulsates with life and that can satisfy the penchants of any guest.

The hospitality of the locals is apparent everywhere; cultural exhibitions are held frequently and are of great interest; night life fills the summer nights with energy and music, while the famed local ouzo and tasty appetisers at the seaside taverns lead to high-spirited ouzo-exaltations.

Nature endowed the region with diverse landscapes with lush vegetation and enchanting beaches. Included amongst these is Agios Issidoros beach, one of the largest and most popular on the island, drawing together many large hotel units which offer great scope in entertainment, beach sports and adventures into the natural beauty of the island.

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