Skala Kallonis – Kalloni

Skalla Kallonis - Kalloni

In the centre of the island lies the large town of Kalloni. Its privileged position in the midst of a huge fertile plain and in the cove of the Gulf of Kalloni, ensured its establishment as an important trade and administrative centre of the region.

The history of Kalloni, dates back many centuries as is witnessed by the archaeological sites of Messa and Klopedi, while the famed Monastery of Limonos, with its priceless archives of books and manuscripts, reflects the cultural and spiritual course of the region over the passage of time.

Located over a large area between the plain and the Gulf of Kalloni, is one of the most important wetland areas in Greece, providing shelter to many rare species of birds and constituting a major attraction for nature-lovers.

The seaport of Kalloni, is Scala Kallonis, a scenic town settled around the blue waters of the Gulf. There, a traveller can expect to be welcomed by any one of the modern hotel complexes, which provide a large range of amenities and services, while sampling the famed sea-food appetisers and partying at the night spots along the beach which promise lively nights beside the waves.

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